Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 10 - Off to Work

Today was my first day reporting to school! I saw my classroom, which is totally beautiful ( I will send pictures as soon as it is in some kind of order), met the other first grade teacher (absolutely wonderful), and had my first necessary 3:00pm cappuccino since June! I love earning those mid-day ones...

Since I didn't bring my camera to school yet, I've added a couple pictures of the cats that I've been hanging out with. They belong to my friend here. While these pictures may not encapsulate the Roman experience, it is important to note that these cats are ROMAN! They were adopted from one of those filled-with-cats-monument-areas, so it's the real thing.

When I got home this evening I went for a run, including up a big set of stairs in trastevere. There were some youths hanging out on them, and as I ran past they cheered me on. I felt like Totti, just for a moment.



  1. What's up with the updates? A week of silence...your first week of work? Unacceptable! More, please...

  2. Ahem....more posts please! I've been very patient to see more of your sweet life in Roma...

  3. I echo the "ahems." Your people are desperate for more! Tell us how you're doing!