Monday, August 17, 2009

Let the Games Begin

Hello Everybody!

As you may recall, one year of Rome was NOT ENOUGH!! So, I'm back, and this time with my own apartment, and job! How will I survive in this world of privacy and functionality? Stay tuned, we'll find out!

This blog will be a little window into the continuation of the Roman Adventure, and I'm offering a special feature called:

Through this feature, you can send me a message of a place you want to go in Rome (vicariously), and every weekend, I'll go to one or more of the requested places, and send pics! So, if you have a hankering for your favorite cappuccino, or want to take your favorite stroll to the pantheon, I'll do it!! Just let me know!

Here are the highlights from day one back in the eternal city:

I got off the plane, onto the train, onto the bus, and sure enough (though I had
thought several times that I had dreampt the arrangement), the
apartment was waiting. Monica, the woman who we are renting the
apartment from was still on site finshing up final details, and she
gave me last minute advice and warnings. I wonder if I will remember
anything she said at all, as I was still in my blissful sleepwalk from

I took my exhaustion to the streets (where it belongs),
and managed to hike up to porta portese, where I met with a
rare scene of low attendance. August heat makes Rome a ghost
town. If there was tumbleweed here, it would be blowing around, and then
after not too long, someone would try to make a goal with it.
I picked up some paper products, some hygiene products (lofty aspirations to shower...),
and then I did the Campo, Navona, Pantheon Loop because I just couldn't resist!

I saw a boy with a long thin ponytail climbing to reach and straining
to touch to the long thin tail of bernini's elephant in front of Santa
Maria Sopra Minerva.

Spent the evening listening to church bells and a James Taylor record, which
gave me that unspecific nostalgia feeling that I love so much. For dinner
I finished my panino from campo, and then stepped out to the Sicilian gelateria
for a snack. A snack with sprinkles.

Fell asleep missing all you friends, family, fellows and fellow's fellows...


  1. YAY!!! this is so fantastic, Maryann. Can't wait to sign on, and tune in OFTEN! xo Claudia

  2. I woke up this morning from a dream of ricotta con pere gelato from Gracchi (Via dei Gracchi, Prati). Eat one for me, will you?


  3. Please mail one waxpapered pizza rosa sandwich from Campo's bakery to me at....

    Psyched you're going to blog, but good luck finding stuff to take pictures of in that podunk town of yours!

  4. On sunday morning, could you get me one of those mozarella, alici and Fiori di zucchero baby panini at Bar G? This is great, Maryann!