Saturday, August 22, 2009

To the Market

Today I spent some time at the fresh market that is a couple of blocks away from the apartment. The guys at the seafood table were getting a real kick out of my photographic interests... The truth is, I had secret motives! While I was in NYC, I went to see "Michaelangelo's First Painting" (using quotes because everyone knows that your 'first' painting is hardly ever considered relevant enough to land in a museum, even though it should be. How fun would it be to see Michaelangelo's REAL first painting?). ANYWAY! Did I go there? The painting that does happen to be on display at the Met was a huge inspiration to me, and I decided to do a version of my own based on the same allegory. They mentioned in the exhibit that Michaelangelo did research for his painting at the fish markets, so, how could I resist?

Then, after a year with my favorite, perfect bag that my sister made me last year before my departure for Rome, I decided, I was going to have to get a new bag. So, it was off to Campo De Fiori. On my way, I spotted (what I think was) a white Egret standing on the rocks in the Tiber. I used my extra special National Geographic quality zoom lens to capture this blurry photo of it to share with you!

As soon as I saw the bag, I thought, "This would be great camouflage if I wanted to hide in an explosion of christmas ornaments," so I figured it would go with the rest of my attire. Look closely at the car photo- there I am with it!

Tomorrow is my last day before I report to duty at school! I am getting so excited!


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