Wednesday, August 19, 2009

For the Joggers, Walkers, and Nature Lovers

Here is a view from my usual jog in Villa Pamphilij. I didn't think I would make it this morning, because the jet lag was setting in. During a less than tranquil dream that I was surfing on a crocodile through the grand canyon, I heard the church bells ringing, and thought for sure that I had heard about 15 rings... So the sheer curiosity of what time that would signify stirred me out of the scenic west, and it was 9:30. There was plenty of time to head to the park before the midday heat set in.

On my way I bought some batteries, and somehow it turns out I still haven't learned my lesson about buying batteries in Rome. That's why there is only one picture from this morning's jog... More to come - vi juro!

Yesterday I went for coffee with Francesca on Carini. On my way home, I found two Italian playing cards, both kings from different suits, and different decks (see image above). The first one I found right outside the Porta Portese market entrance, and the second on the street I live in in Testaccio. Rome is always leaving me clues!

Wishing you all well out there!

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